The Fleetwood Boy’s on their First Term at the IFA

As their first term at the International Futsal Academy in Loughborough draws to a close we catch up with the Fleetwood boys Joe Hulme and Jamie Hunter to see how they have settled in to their new home.  Both boys have made an amazing start to the year, fully immersing themselves in everything that the IFA and Loughborough has to offer – a particular highlight being Jamie’s commentary skills being put to good use!! Let’s see what they have to say about their first few months with us:

Joe tell us a bit about you, where were you before joining the IFA at Loughborough?

Before joining the IFA at Loughborough I was at Fleetwood Town’s education programme.  I was introduced to Futsal at Fleetwood at the age of 16 and enjoyed the game the moment I started to play.

How are you settling in at the IFA and Loughborough?

I feel I have settled in well, it’s been a few months here now and I really feel I have found my place.

What has been the best thing so far about being on the IFA?

The best thing for me is to be able to train and play with very good players. Everyone in the team has a lot of talent and this makes training very intense. The standard of play in National League 1 is higher than I have played before which is what I need as I want to develop and become the best player I can.

What do you think about the Coaching Staff?

They are good. It’s quite different to what I am used to, a lot more tactical and looking at specific aspects like defensive systems, but I think I am doing well.

Which futsal player do you most aspire to be like and why?

I wouldn’t say there is just one. I think you can learn different things from many players such as Ricardinho, Ferrao, Elisandro and many others. But as a pivot I would probably say Elisandro, as his ability to create and score goals is world class.

What do you think about Loughborough in general?

Loughborough has a very nice town centre, with many shops and nightlife that isn’t far away from my accommodation. The facilities at the University and College are on another level as they have nearly everything you can think off. I’m really enjoying Loughborough!

Would you recommend the IFA?

Yeah, of course yes, it’s a good after school pathway, especially if you are interested in Futsal definitely.


Jamie tell us a bit about you, where were you before joining the IFA at Loughborough?

Before I joined the IFA I was at Fleetwood town on the BTEC course studying sports coaching and playing futsal, it’s where I started. I had two of the best years there.

How are you settling in at the IFA?

I have settled in well. It was a bit tough at the beginning with all the training sessions and then with all the lectures, but I have found a rhythm and I feel I am doing well. I have also settled in well to the accommodation. Everyone from the IFA, the wider Loughborough Futsal programme, the Coaches and everyone else have been very welcoming to me.

What has been the best thing so far about being on the IFA?

The support and being around the players. It’s surprised me a lot the standard of coaching and the level of other players around me. The lads are quality to be around on and off the court. It’s great receiving the support from the coaching staff as it was hard to move away from home, I couldn’t fault them.

What do you think about the Coaching Staff?

This nicely follows on from my previous point – they are fantastic. For me, an important aspect of being a coach is how they are off the court too and having the ability to talk to players on any level about anything – that’s what really makes a great coach and all of them possess that trait.

Which futsal player do you most aspire to be like and why?

I couldn’t give you one in specific. I admire the more experienced players here at Loughborough that play at the highest level within the Super League setting a good example but like I said before they are all great lads I couldn’t fault any of them.

What do you think about Loughborough in general?

It’s different – I’ve been in Fleetwood for 18 years so it’s a big change. The facilities here are something I feel separates the two – what I have available to me here linked with the programme is unreal. Despite all the great things here though there is no place like home.

Would you recommend the IFA?

Sure I would recommend it, I am putting it out there already. It’s a fantastic opportunity to play at the highest-level as well as learn and develop around the best people.



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