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Why the IFAA?

At the IFAA we have three main values in player development: we develop them as young people first, second as better learners and third as better futsal and football players. We know the third one is built on the foundations of the first two and we will not compromise this approach.

The hardest thing for parents who want to engage with futsal is knowing where it is a good learning environment. All our centres are quality assured for delivery and excellence and IFAA coaches understand the game of futsal.  Futsal is relatively new in Britain, but we will reduce that anxiety as parents know with an IFAA centre they will be getting a top quality futsal experience as they are all overseen and work with leading experts in futsal.

What we're up to

Want to work with us?

If you want to focus on providing quality coaching, counting on the support of the country’s leading experts in futsal to simplify your task, contact us and we will explain how we can help you run your coaching project, with quality assurances built in and all the administrative and logistics support.