Jordan Astell’s remarkable experience at Inter Movistar’s Summer Camp

Jordan Astell joined the International Futsal Academy for the 2016/17 season, to start a BSc in  International Business at Loughborough University whilst developing his futsal. After a successful first season, that included reaching the FA Futsal Cup Finals with Loughborough Academy, Jordan needed a new challenge without waiting for the new season to start, and hence became the only English player at Inter Movistar’s Summer camp. Feedback from the Inter coaches at the camp was excellent, but let him tell us about his amazing Inter Movistar experience.

How did the chance to attend Inter Movistar’s camp come about?

The chance came about as a result of The IFA’s link with Inter Movistar. As a result the IFA were given the opportunity to send players across to the camp. This year’s head coach at the IFA, Juanan Garcia,  also coached at the camp which was also another factor in creating this opportunity. It was an opportunity that I had to take in all honesty.

What type of player did you find there? What was their level?

The group I was in was a mixture of ages between 15-19. The players were a lot less physical and had a greater focus on technical and tactical aspects of the game compared to Futsal in England. Their movements, particularly off the ball, were outstanding and their knowledge of the game matched this. It meant that in training, rather than covering technical aspects, we were able to jump into the more complex tactical concepts which was a good learning experience for me. Some of the players actually played for Inter Movistar at youth level. I learnt a lot from them which hopefully I can take with me into the upcoming season.

Where there any other non-Spanish players at the camp?

Yes, players traveled from all over the world to attend the camp! Players came from countries such as France, USA and one was from Russia. My roommate, although of German nationality, also lives in England. Even the Spanish players traveled from all over Spain to attend the camp. This made the experience even more memorable.

Did you have the chance to work with any futsal legends?

Yes, which was actually quite a surprise as when I booked onto the course and even during the camp I was not expecting to. We had Julio Garcia Mena, one of Spain’s most successful players winning the World Cup twice and the European Cup three times, turn up to one of our sessions along with César Muñoz, a former Inter player and current Academy Director. They actually joined in with our session and were defenders in 2v3 drill. They were both still unbelievable and the chance to play against them was an honour.  

How would you describe the experience overall?

For me personally, I haven’t ever learnt that much and developed in Futsal in one week. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity (for me especially, as I’ll be too old next year) and it is one that I am 100% glad I took and thankful that the IFA provided the opportunity to do so. Even off the court it was an amazing life experience, I met so many new people who now I can call friends, and experienced the Spanish culture. It’s definitely a memory I won’t forget.

Do you think the camp will help your futsal for the upcoming season?

With the amount I learnt over that week, without a doubt. The tactical information I was exposed to, learning from world class coaches and even ex players as well as playing against some of the best upcoming Spanish talent,  has provided me the platform to increase my performances for the upcoming season. I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learnt with me and putting it into practice.

IFA Academy Director Idafe Pérez Jiménez also visited the Camp to explore with Inter Movistar new avenues to collaborate and enhance their current partnership, so stay tuned for more news.

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