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Globally Leading academy for education & futsal

Why is Education so important?

World Class Education

The International Futsal Academy is an Independent Futsal and Education Programme designed to provide a professional club training programme combined with a University Degree.

(BSc Hons- Sports Science – Validated by Loughborough University)

(BA Hons Business Leadership – Validated by Nottingham Trent University)

We feel at The IFA there is no reason why elite players can not train like a full time athlete and study for a exceptional degree and education. The programme offers not only the best coaching and facilitates in England, but also student support and welfare in the education side of the programme. We feel the academic part of the course is just as valuable as the playing side.

The IFA offers many added extras to make sure the players can keep developing as young people. Players will be kitted out in training kit with names and initials including bags and usual performance kit. They will have free travel to games where we will play all clubs from National Futsal teams, to premiership football clubs at futsal. They will gain full time free gym membership and access to amazing facilities at Loughborough University and Loughborough College. They will also be put through an FA coaching qualification to enable them to understand and learn the game from another perspective and also take the first sets on the coaching ladder.

The Goal of the IFA is to provide young players the opportunity to continue their development as athletes in a full time environment whilst attaining a top education over a three year period. We are looking for talented players with a desire to improve themselves on and off the court.

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