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Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced small sided football game that originates from South America in the 1930s. It is widely played across the world and is the small sided football format that is officially recognised by both UEFA and FIFA.

Futsal began in Uruguay and Brazil where the large crowded cities and a shortage of playing pitches forced a football mad populace to play small sided football and in 1936 the first rules emerged. Futsal was the name chosen by FIFA, which is simply a combination of the Spanish words for ‘hall’ (Sala) and ‘football’ (Futbol): hence ‘Futsal, literally translated to mean ‘indoor football’.

It is played on a pitch slightly larger than that of a basketball or netball court with a ball which is smaller, heavier than an outdoor football and has a reduced bounce. As a consequence, this invasion game places considerable demand on technique, movement and fitness, with players constantly placed in situations where they must receive or play whilst under pressure or in confined spaces. Futsal is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking and pinpoint passing. The speed of play is such that you are forced to make quicker technical and tactical decisions.

The nature of the game provides an excellent breeding ground for football competencies that can be translated into the 11-a-side format of the game. Many of the Premier League and worlds most recognisable football players have a background playing Futsal and credit it with supporting their footballing development. Professional footballers including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Pele, Cesc Fabregas, Xavi, Iniesta amongst many more who benefited from Futsal in their youth.

As well as the valuable role Futsal plays as a development tool for football, Futsal is unquestionably a popular and enthralling sport in its own right. The International Futsal Academy attracts students from all around the world providing the opportunity to study and excel in one of the UK and worlds fastest growing sports with FA figures showing that last season participation increased within the adult sector by just under 40% from 14,615 to 20,132 and in the youth sector by 100%, rising from 21,100 to 42,196.

Futsal continues to develop and grow as part of the footballing landscape in England. Opportunities to play Futsal are assessable locally, regionally and nationally with the majority of the most gifted players playing within the FA National League One and FA National League Two. Young players identified with potential are chosen to represent England Futsal Under 19 Centre of Excellences aiding their development and learning seeking to progress into the England Futsal Under 21 Development Squad and ultimately the England Futsal Senior Squad. The International Futsal Academy supports the National Talent Pathway providing talented players with the opportunity to train full time whilst studying within Further or Higher Education.

Why is Education so important?


It is an exciting and increasingly popular time for Futsal in England, The International Futsal Academy opitimizes the positive impact the sport can play as the Leading Elite Futsal and Education programme in the United Kingdom. The International Futsal Academy is the perfect way to promote your company or organisation to an ever increasing National and International audience.

Providing tailor-made sponsorship packages to complement any budget in addition to our multi-tiered sponsorship packages, the International Futsal Academy provides a wide range of benefits and opportunities within both our existing and future projects.

Encompassing youth development centres to international players, the International Futsal Academy is ambitious in providing the best quality of support and benefits possible that are in the best interests of the players, whilst working in partnership with trusted sponsors guaranteeing endorsement, brand awareness and promotion.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Kit Supplier
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  • Recovery Tools
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  • Player Sponsorship
  • Transport
  • Events & Hospitality
  • Facilities
  • Guest Appearances
  • Online & Social Media

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