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Why is Education so important?

Why is Education so important?

Our Further Education (FE) programme provides the opportunity for student-players to reach their academic potential in an FE level qualification alongside the elite level futsal training and development offered by the IFA.

Loughborough College provides a wide range of academic opportunities that have a focus on the application of knowledge and provide students with the opportunity to develop transferable skills for their career development or further studies.

The dual-development of both academic and sporting excellence is an important aspect of athlete success in Loughborough. The strong links between the sports and academic departments ensures that we deliver a holistic student-player development programme.

Our FE student-players come from numerous academic profiles, including those with GCSE’s, BTECs, or OCR Level 2 (or equivalent). Please contact us to discuss the entry requirements for specific FE courses.

Here are just some of the FE courses available to you:

  • AS and A2 Level
  • BTEC
  • Higher education access courses
  • Level 2 Diplomas

Contact us for more information on the courses available or visit loucoll.ac.uk to find the course most relevant to you.

Why choose is?

Why choose us?

If you are interested in joining the International Futsal Academy, contact us directly to book a tour, where you will have the opportunity, along with family members to view the facilities and accommodation. Following your visit, you will be able to apply for your place on the Academy. If accepted you will then complete and submit directly your Accommodation Application to The Gables Accommodation selecting your choice of room.

To contact the Accommodation team:

Tel: 0844 332 0206
Email: accommodation@loucoll.ac.uk
Fax: 01509 618109
(00 44 1509 618109 if faxing from overseas)

The Accommodation Office
Loughborough College,
Radmoor Road,
LE11 3BT