Programme & Goals

The goal of the International Futsal Academy (IFA) is to give young futsal players the opportunity to carry on developing as a elite player in a full time futsal environment without detriment to their education. The unique programme couples world class education with world class coaching so at the end of the programme players have many doors open to them be in in the academic world or the elite performance world of sport.

The IFA programme is an bespoke independent programme designed to offer more career pathways than other programmes. We believe by working with one of the best sporting institutes and with the best coaching team, this will lead to many career paths for student athletes on the programme

The International Futsal academy attracts students and futsalers/footballers from all over the world and each week incorporates includes football training, football matches and world class degree level education.

The education is a choice of foundation degrees that is offered by the HE sector of the college. After the two years you have the opportunity to carry on in your education and gain a BSc (Hons) degree validated by Loughborugh University.











Futsal Star now Pro footballer in USA